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How to apply for CAQ Extension

Once you have received your letter of admission from a Québec educational institution, you need to obtain a Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)

If you are in one of the following situations, you must submit a fresh application for temporary selection for studies:

  • Your studies continue after the expiration date of your Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ);
  • You change levels of study; and
  • You delay the start of your study program by more than one semester.

It is best to apply at least three months before your study permit expires.

The steps are the same as for your first application:

  • Obtain a letter of admission from a designated educational institution in Québec; 
  • Complete your online application for temporary selection for studies; 
  • Submit the required documents online through the Arrima platform; 
  • Obtain a study permit from the federal government.  

Steps to apply for CAQ extension

Step 1

Complete the application online and pay the processing fee by credit card.

Step 1

Obtain your personalized checklist.

Step 3
Gather all the supporting documents on your personalized checklist.
Step 3
Step 4
Submit supporting documents electronically to Immigration Quebec via the Arrima online system.
Step 4
Step 5
Once your CAQ application is approved, you will receive an email from Immigration Quebec instructing you to check your online CAQ portal.
Step 5

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Documents Required For The Application?

-Your final transcripts

-Your diploma certificate

-A certificate of achievement issued by the registrar’s office of your educational institution

Do You Need Knowledge Of French?

If you already have knowledge of French, you may have access, free of charge, to the self-learning options available.

How Much Money Do I Need To Meet My Needs?

The Contract respecting financial self-sufficiency is a judicial act in which you agree to meet your essential needs and, if applicable, the needs of the people who are accompanying you to Québec, namely, your spouse or common-law spouse and your dependent children, including those who already have Canadian citizenship.

What Are The Timeframes And Deadline?

If your studies extend beyond the expiry date of your CAQ for studies, you must submit a new application for a temporary selection for studies. We recommend that you submit this application at least three months before the expiry date of your study permit.

*IMPORTANT: If you receive an Intention of refusal letter (Intention de refus) from Immigration Quebec requesting that you provide them with additional documents, contact ISS for assistance. You will also have to submit your additional, required documents to Immigration Quebec electronically through the Arrima system.

How can we help

We at Oblivion Services assist foreign nationals with every step of the process to become Canadian international students. Clients may anticipate one-on-one assistance with everything from choosing a school and program of study to receiving an acceptance letter and applying for a CAQ and study visa. Every International Student Program participant is assigned an Educational Counsellor who will assist them in realizing their goal of living in Canada!

Please complete our free student assessment to evaluate your eligibility for studies in Canada, and one of our Educational Counsellors will call you to discuss your needs.

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