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CAQ Extension

Once you have received your letter of admission from a Québec educational institution, you need to obtain:

3 important steps to keep in mind while
applying for CAQ/ for CAQ Extension


Making sure you are familiar with the requirements for staying in Québec as a foreign student.


Applying for temporary selection for studies in Québec.


Applying for a study permit.

Frequently asked questions for CAQ filing:

-Your final transcript

-Your diploma

-A certificate of achievement issued by the registrar’s office of your educational institution

If you already have knowledge of French, you may have access, free of charge, to the self-learning options available.

The Contract respecting financial self-sufficiency is a judicial act in which you agree to meet your essential needs and, if applicable, the needs of the people who are accompanying you to Québec, namely, your spouse or common-law spouse and your dependent children, including those who already have Canadian citizenship.

If your studies extend beyond the expiry date of your CAQ for studies, you must submit a new application for a temporary selection for studies. We recommend that you submit this application at least three months before the expiry date of your study permit.

If you submit an application for permanent selection, this means that you are planning to settle to Québec and find a job. If you have made a decision to enroll in a new study program, you cannot submit an application for permanent selection as a skilled worker.

Only diplomas that have been completed before the application was submitted will be considered in the allocation of points in the selection grid.

The work experience you acquired during part-time work can be recognized, provided that it was acquired:

legally in Québec or abroad, during the five years preceding the date of submission of your application for permanent selection;
in an occupation with a skill level above “D” according to the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

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